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10 Sep,2021

An excursion is usually a brief pleasure trip. It is an activity organized by the school during which students leave the school premises to engage in educational adventures. Schools are encouraged to adopt the practice of excursion because of its tendency to add reality to learning experiences which consequently enriches the courses of study and motivate both teachers and learners. Furthermore, excursions give exciting educational experiences deeper than the regular school environment affords. It has been proven that visits to places like zoos, nature centers, community agencies (like fire stations and hospitals), government agencies, local business, and museums increase the chances of the learners retaining what is being taught in the classroom. Findings also reveal that children learn about different professions, ideas, and opportunities when they travel outside their own neighborhood which increases their desire to try new things owing to the interest it sparks in them. Most students don’t know the functions of UNICEF in the world, many have heard of it and they are curious about what this organization does and how they go about it. it has been noticed that the sensitization of UNICEF information online is limited to this Student. Going there actually widened the knowledge of the students on the numerous right a child possessive and at what rate at which this right has been violated in Nigeria. Excursion to an Organization like UNICEF can make these students pick an interest in being a human right activist. Excursion to another country gives the children exposure to different cultures and world viewpoints. Students on an international excursion get a chance to meet new people and make new friends, offering lots of opportunities to practice their social skills. Meeting new and making new friends will influence the children communication skills and language learning opportunities.

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